I'd like to compare the prices while purchasing anything, the reason why I am here is simple; low price, but nice products! just everything I expect. and I am pretty sure I will come back for more. -Zach Peterson

Saw it on facebook, looks really nice, that zorb ball playing video really gets to me, so I think why not give it a shot, it is not like it is very expensive. and I am pretty satisfied and glad I bought it. -Stewart McLeod

Favorable price, looks durable, no disgusting smell. -charisma Scott

Thank you for the zorb ball, we have so many fun with the game. come to my youtube channel to check my video: @NateNation -NateNation

Everything looks great, and i am so excited, and now I am planning a party to invite my friend to play it !-Jonathan Wener 

I bought them for my company activity, and everyone was very excited about it cause playing bubble ball is kind of new to us ..anyway, we really enjoyed it, and thanks for the patience showing me how to play it. -Dwayne Dyck 

Bought it in the case of partying with my friends, haven't played it yet, but they seem nice. maybe, I will try them today, you know, Thanksgiving, friends, family, a good time to enjoy ourselves. -Cameron Weber

At first, i am not sure which to buy, then the staff, a very sweet girl patiently asked me questions about what i want and kindly introduced this to me. and I’ve got my package, and everything seems so nice, and i am looking forward to playing with my friends in my party! -Melissa Guzman